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Recap: The Walking Dead “The Suicide King”

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On February 12, 2013
Last modified:February 12, 2013


The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead picks up where the first half of season three ended. More zombie adventures for Rick and the gang as they ruin all the Governor's fun.

The mid-season return of The Walking Dead picks up where it left off before the holiday break, with Governor Phil pitting brother vs brother in the Woodbury Thunderdome. We find out quickly that there is no need to worry because big brother Merle has a plan. We aren’t really sure if his punch and run plan was going to work or not because Rick and friends return and just start shooting everything that moves. Darryl and Merle escape through the smoke and Andrea dances around pissing her pants completely clueless and in shock as to what is going on around her. Oh and the Governor is not a happy man, but then again when is he happy?governor

Needless to say, Glen and Michonne are not happy when Rick returns with not just Daryl but Merle as well. Some minor bickering ensues and finally Daryl decides it’s bros before hos or something and walks into the forest with Merle leaving everyone a little disappointed. Before heading back Rick tries to prove he is still in control by telling Michonne she can stay until she is patched up but then she is outta here. A traffic jam on the way back causes the break we need for Glen to prove that the “Rick-tatorship” is actually falling apart. Glen snaps on Rick and tells him that the mission was a total fail because they aren’t bringing Darryl back and all they managed to do was piss off the Governor. Yea I know he always seems pissed but now he is really pissed. I mean it, this is different. Look at him….



Wait no that’s not it. Now here look at him…




Back at the prison, Warden Carl is keeping everyone safe from the new survivors by staring at them and not saying much. Hey it works for his dad. Tyrese is calms down Adam and Ben for the time being until he can get a chance to convince the others to let them stay. Also, just a little advice, if  someone says “Oh it’s not my baby” during a zombie apocalypse, DO NOT ask “Where’s the mother?”

Woodbury is safe thanks to Andrea going all Alice on the three zombies that broke through the hole in the fence. You would think that one of the hundred people roaming the streets would be able to strike a zombie in the head, but instead they all run and panic. Oh and that poor guy pictured above just could not get away, but never fear the Governor is here. And then he is gone again.

Rick briskly walks past Tyrese’s crew to show his incredible power only to return a few minutes later and act like a total dick to Tyrese. He refuses to shake Tyrese’s extended hand and finally tells them they are not welcome in the group or the prison. Hershel tries to convince Rick otherwise, but before he can say much Rick sees the ghost of Lori standing on the balcony. I guess ruining everyones lives while she was alive was simply not enough and she had to return to destroy the last shred of Rick’s power. Rick goes insane and just starts yelling GET OUT! Glen suggests that Tyrese and company listen and they all quickly exit the room before Rick completely loses his mind.

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